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Cynthia Schroeder

My name is Cynthia Schroeder. I hold a Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization from The University of Illinois, Chicago (2011). I have thorough knowledge of 2D and 3D related software. I am a results-oriented, creative professional / team partner with experience in developing and executing strategic designs, spanning the goals of brand presence and generating revenue. I am highly motivated and capable of working across multiple departments, both managing and cooperating with creative teams aimed to develop innovative, visionary solutions.

I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil; people know me most for my illustration skills. I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin and always aspired to be a Disney Animator. My undergraduated degree is in Time Arts from Northern Illinois University, '07. No matter what I will continue to draw and create because that is what I am most passonate about.


Medical Illustration

Anatomical and scientific concepts

3D Modeling / Animation

3D Visualization, primarily using C4D

Graphic Design

Specializing in layout, composition, and branding 

Motion Graphics

2D motion graphics using After Effects


I'm available for new projects!

Greater Milwaukee, WI


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